Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I'm 26. I think since I was about 14, I've made New Years Resolutions and they generally flop, (mostly because its always to shed a few winter pounds and I am opposed to changing my food intake haha.)

Out of the millions of New Years Resolutions that will be made, almost all will fail. Why is that?

Usually, it is because we are creatures of habit. If I am going to resolve to work out a half hour every day, it means nothing unless I physically schedule it into my daily routine. If I don't allocate the time, the change won't take place. Action steps are necessary for change!

I think the idea of a New Start is great. I think we should all examine our lives in five categories:
1)Spiritually- How was my relationship with God in 2008? Did I worship? Did I delight in His word? Am I dependant on him in prayer? What needs eliminated or added to my life in 2009 to connect with God?
2)Relationally- Am I still pursuing my relationship with Shaina? Have I become passive in knowing her more and guarding her heart? Am I connected to authentic community? Are there broken relationships in my life that I need to reconcile? Do I have a mentor to build into me as a man of God? Am I that mentor to someone else?
3) Physically- Am I a fat heiffer? Do I need more consistent exercise? Am I lazy? Do I get enough sleep? Am I in overall good health? How do I honor God with my body?
4)Economically- Do I wonder where my money is going or do I tell my money where to go? Do I need to simplify my life to save money? Am I able to give God the tithe that is rightfully his?
5) Emotionally- Do I have authentic joy in my life? If not, what steals that joy from me each day? Are there people around me that wound more than they heal me emotionally?

Well that is a start. My primary Resolution this year is to battle for daily devotional time with the Lord. This is not easy and I have some major changes in my life coming up in the next few months. I have two small devotionals to guide my time though. Blackaby's "Experiencing God Day by Day" and Maxwell's "Leadership Promises for Every Day". I have started them already because I know how defeated I feel if I fall behind. If I can stay on track I am more likely to do it!

So what is your New Year's Resolution?

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Tiffany said...

Hey Ben- great post!

As for my resolutions...

1)strengthen my relationship with our Savior (I feel as if I've done a lot of that this year, but there is always room for growth, right?)

2)Speak of my relationship with Him more often to people who need it.

3)Pray more for others than myself. (I tend to become selfish in prayer during stressful times.)

4)Prepare myself for Kenya (Not only spiritually, but mentally as well--oh, the horror stories I've been hearing about the shots and pills and mosquitos!)

and 5) Find more and more ways to show others that I am a Christian. It's something we should want to be known for, so I want to include HIM in everything I do.

Happy Holidays!