Friday, December 5, 2008

I came, I saw, I conquered

Shaina and I took Shadow and took a half hour trip to this cool little Christmas tree farm yesterday to claim our tree for the season. We arrived at noon...found out the place didn't open until three.

We chose spontanaiety over surrender and went to the OARDC up the road and hiked and explored the Secrest Arboretum. Shadow was a lot of fun. After that adventure, we went to Subway for five dollar footlongs and Shaina and I just sat and talked for a good hour.

Finally, destiny's hour arrived and I grabbed my sword, clad in lumberjack armor (aka flannel shirt and boots) we went and saw one we liked with in the first five minutes. We looked around for another 20 and then returned and I entered the battle. After about 10 minutes (I blame it on a dull sword, NOT my battle skills) I defeated the Christmas Tree and we took the conquered foe and placed it in our front room. It looks a TON bigger in our apartment than it did outside, but it is lit, decorated and ready for all to see!

Do you smell that? Ahh the aroma of victory!

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Mary Beth said...

thank you for your posts - Christmas tree and word of the day - I needed a giggle today!