Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am a machine

Finals week used to kick my butt. I used to dread the papers, the exams, the presentations, the sleepless nights. Now? I own finals week. I'm kidding...but this quarter of finals is perhaps the easiest I've had in 7 years. My missions prof got called to active service in Iraq and shortened the quarter and made all the work due before Thanksgiving. That class is done. My homiletics (preaching) class has everyone preaching during the last three weeks of class. I volunteered to go first and just have to show up and hear the other sermons these last couple weeks. My theology class demands a 5 page paper on Eschatology and a take home final...both which will be done over the next few days. My Greek class has a take home and in class portion to its final both of which are open notes.

Tomorrow Shaina has off and it is typically set aside as my schoolwork day. I may not do anything because I can. muhahaha.

Next quarter I have a ridiculous work load which includes taking the book of Hosea in Hebrew...I will whine then.

Tomorrow? I conquer a Christmas Pine and bring its dead carcas into our home. Ima go lumberjack on it.

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Jeff Honnold said...

I read that last line and for some reason I just pictured you and Shaina singing this as you cut down the mighty evergreen: