Monday, December 1, 2008

funny moments in worship

Here are a couple funny/awkward moments from worship services I have been a part of.

- Yesterday, in the Traditional Service, amidst many (not all...but many) white haired folks, a cell phone went off. Not that big of a deal you say...happens all the time you reply. The catch...the ringtone on the phone was "Let Me See Your Hips Swing". Here's the music video...It is not g rated...which makes the ringtone moment even funnier.

-Pastor prayed "Father,not your will but mine". Actually sort've a teachable moment!

-I was serving communion during Holy Week by method of intinction (each person breaks piece of bread and dips it into the communion chalice (think big cup!) A little elderly lady took her piece of bread and ate it, then got to me holding the cup. She realized her mistake and dipped two fingers into the juice and licked em! I did everything I could to avoid laughing.


Here's an honorable mention...

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