Friday, November 21, 2008

Rivalry Weekend

Well, its that time of year again. Ohio State vs. Michigan. I have never gotten into college football, especially Ohio State, but this is still a great rivalry. They've both contributed to ruining each other's seasons at one point or another. This doesn't look like much of a game on paper, but it will be interesting to see if Michigan can make it a game.

The more important question...What is the greatest rivalry in all of sports?

Red Sox-Yankees?
Duke-UNC (bball)?

Someone else?

Let's hear it!


Wood said...

I would add browns steelers to the mix, but lately, Im not sure you can call it a rivalry. Does the bug call the windshield its rival? I dont think so.

Best I Think is OSU/MICH

steven said...

me vs you is the greatest rivalry ever, especially because its happened my entire life.

Ben said...

Steve, its not a rivalry if one side always dominates the other side...they call that a dynasty.