Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bond...James Bond

Saturday I forced (I mean that) Shaina and I to go to a movie matinee. We had to-do-lists about a mile long each, but at somepoint you have to tell your to-do-list to shove it and take some time to just BE. Shaina is a pretty big James Bond fan. I, myself am a casual fan. I will watch the movies when they are on tv or something, but I never really got into the hype...until Daniel Craig.

Pierce Brosnan couldn't pull of Bond the way he was meant to be portrayed, but Daniel Craig rocks it like a rockstar. He's ripped, athletic and still looks fly in a suit.

Casino Royale was a great movie and I was curious to see if Quantum of Solace could measure up. In my opinion it is an action packed movie with a thought provoking theme of vengeance. Solace delivers the expected quota of car chase scenes and even incorporates a plane chase scene which was unique. Bond is upset at the loss of his love, Vespa from the end of Casino Royale and is seeking vengeance against the one who was responsible for her betrayal and death. Will he get his revenge? Will it be as satisfying as he believes it to be?

Good stuff and has a message for us all...Vengeance is not ours to repay. Instead it is the Lord who will seek and implement justice. We just need to be faithful.

So, the all important question...who is the best James Bond actor?

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