Friday, November 28, 2008


One mangled black eye, 2 dropped touchdown passes (don't blame me...I watch the Browns every week...I don't know any better) 1 touchdown pass, 1 touchdown catch, a stiff neck and muscles that I did not know i had, aching...1 CHAMPIONSHIP... Worth it! haha.

With a record number of participants (50ish), The Alien Bowl witnessed its first ever safety, It's first ever overtime game and its first ever champion that did not have my cousin A.J. on it. My team survived round one with a couple defensive scores and then broke out our version of the Wildcat in the championship game, running end arounds that turned into hail mary's. We received the trophy...I'm hoping to get pics up and running over the weekend.

Now I just have to tend to this eye before I preach on Sunday!

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