Saturday, October 4, 2008

When the moon hits your eye...

Wow. you look hungry. Nothing fills you up like a Sam's Pizza fundraiser pizza!

Best of all, if you buy them from me, the proceeds go to our Kenya mission trip. For 10 dollars you can have a cheese, pepperoni, or pepperoni and sausage pizza. For 11 dollars you can get a deluxe!

We really need support for this! Obviously some of you aren't passionate about eating pizza or in delivery range, but maybe you want to support this important endeavor. Here's something you could do: pledge to sponsor Shaina and I per pizza we sell. Maybe you do $1 per pizza, $2 per pizza or even .50 per pizza. This would motivate us to keep selling, and we would actually see more direct profit that way.

I wouldn't even ask if I didn't believe that what we are doing was not of high KINGDOM VALUE and that we have the potential to be used by God to save lives, spiritually and physically.

On a political note...I know the economy is in the toilet. But God's Kingdom should never be limited by stock market plunges or economic uncertainty...It truly is as Jesus says, where your treasure is...

Who's eating pizza, or pledgin' support per sale????

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