Friday, October 3, 2008

Kenya Mission Trip

The Edge is going to Kenya in June. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am for this. Here is just a glimpse into the need and what we will be doing.

Most missionary agencies that work in areas like Kenya are focused on the densely populated regions of the country. While this is important, the vision that a "trickle down" effect would reach the less populated areas of Kenya is unfulfilled. The need in these rural areas is huge. High poverty, Low nutrition (the pic above is of three kids whose hair has turned orange due to malnourishment), High at risk levels for AIDS, High percentages of AIDS orphans, High percentages of single grandmothers parenting countless children. Empower International is targeting these more rural locations.

As the prophet Jeremiah states, God has a plan for us and it is hope and a future, Jer. 29:11. These kids, in all ways, the Least of These (Matthew 25), deserve a hope and a future. Empower seeks to do this through a variety of ways. We will partner with this ministry to do what we can in two weeks.

*We will teach Fidelity and Abstinence in light of what God has for us. This is huge because some cultures in rural Africa believe a myth that if they can some how have sex with a virgin, they will be immune from AIDS, which obviously leads to continued spreading of the problem.
*We will host soccer camps. Soccer is huge over there and it just so happens that our group has some pretty talented grass fairies (me not being one of them!)
*We will build/construct/do maintenance wherever there is a need.
*We may have opportunities to participate in micro-economic endeavors. I am pumped about this and will post later about how God is using micro-economy and Empower Int'l.
*Above all we will have a chance to love on these kids, many who are malnourished, most if not all who are in need of hugs, love and affection.

We've just begun the fundraising process and could use your help! Stay tuned for posts on this. I am excited to keep you posted on how God provides for this trip.

If you are a parent of any of those going on the trip, this informational video could be helpful.

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