Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My name is Ben and I'm a workaholic

<----Lori (a.k.a. Wags) is the funny kid in the green!
Shaina and I had dinner with a good friend of ours last night. Lori is raising support to go on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. When I was a senior at Mount Union College, she was a freshmen. My friend/co-leader, Jess and I empowered a group of freshmen to run with the ministry that we had started from the ground up (really God started it...cuz by golly we had no clue what we were doing.)

Long story short: Lori and others took over the ministry and did a phenomenal job. The group doubled (maybe tripled?) in size from where we had left it and they made disciples. It gets me all warm and fuzzy just thinking about the work they did for the Lord.

Anyways, she called me out on something last night. She told me that I needed to do what I was called to do/passionate about and not fill needs that I saw in areas outside my calling. It's sorta funny because I spoke at Mount Union on that very topic a couple years ago. Practice what you preach right?

I have this knack for getting excited about ministry. I might even be a tadbit visionary. I get ideas, many of them outside of the box of typical ministry. Some of them I keep my mouth shut about, but when I do speak up, sometimes people like the ideas and say "Let's do it!" and I say "Woohoo" and when the job responsibilities get divided I take on too much. I have been working insane hours at the church. I love it...but I also love my wife...I love the guys that I play basketball with...I love my dog Shadow...and I love my sanity.

I need to cut back. The problem I have always had is that all of these things that I am doing are good things. It'd be different if I was choosing between mentoring 6 guys or living in wreckless sin...That should be a no-brainer (though it's not always that easy). But when it's mentoring vs. mission trip planning, I choose both. haha.

What do you need to let die in your life so that you come more alive?

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