Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jesus wept.

What would happen if we were concerned solely with what concerned God? (Not that God is a worrying God...that's bad theology). But what if we wept over what God wept over?

My pastor posed an interesting question to the staff a few weeks ago. If aliens came into our church and had to diagnose the world's condition by only what we did in our church service (what we prayed about, what we talked about, what prayer concerns were in our bulletin...) would they think that the world was in all that bad shape?

1. God weeps when neighbors like Russia and Georgia enter violent conflict because they are too lazy or unmotivated to truly be peacemakers.

2. God weeps when a giant portion of the world is devastated by a tsunami and those who are most able to help are the least willing to help.

3. God weeps when Ugandan children are kidnapped and the boys are forced into militia ranks and the girls are used as sex objects for the kidnappers.

4. God weeps in the Sudan when genocide takes place and no one intervenes.

5. God weeps when dominant countries impose sanctions on other countries to try to get them to "shape up" all the while eliminating these country's citizens' access to healthcare, nutrition and the right to life.

6. God weeps when racism and sexism rule the day.

7. God weeps when someone believes violence is the only proper response to a situation.

8. God weeps when people work 50 hour work weeks, make thousands of dollars and come home to their sedated life of tivo and internet, neglecting their families...neglecting a world that is in despair.

9. God weeps when a 20 million dollar church campus is constructed right down the street from the homeless, the impoverished, the desperate.

10. God weeps when someone's ideology of freedom comes from stars and stripes rather than a cross and a crown.

Are we the church weeping?

I bought a book along with my school books for an upcoming class

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