Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mad props to Mrs. T.

5 YEARS. That is how long my lovely bride will have been married to me as of Saturday August 9. Let me just make it clear that I'm wild about her. From day one, she has sacrificed. She has spent all 5 years working her tailbone off to keep us afloat as I journey through school.

Even with the two jobs she is working now and the many heartaches and frustrations, joys and hilarities that we've endured along the way, she still makes time for me...takes care of me when I get my eye poked out or do a number on my ankle playing basketball.

She is a ridiculous cook (which complements me, the ridiculous eater.) She always plays and sings when I have an idea for church or the edge, even if I ask her the night before...or the morning of.

She's worked at a shady car dealership, a ghetto wendys, a cheapskate fruitfarm, a drama-filled Kohls and a not-so-honest pizza shop.

Her laugh makes me laugh. Her hurt makes me hurt. Her "food on the tooth" trick makes me want to give up pacifism. And I LOVE HER MORE AND MORE EACH DAY.



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courtney said...

those are the sweetest words I've ever two are amazing people individually and as one. Congratulations!

hope the next 5 years look a little different for Mrs. T

love courtney