Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Cinderella Story

Last night, our 2-9 church softball team entered their first game of the Wadsworth church league postseason tournament. Double Elimination, winner gets to Heaven first or something.

We, being the 9th best team in the whole league, got paired up with the 10th best team for our first round game. (They were 0-9...There are only 10 teams).

We beat them and got to play again later in the evening against another team, this time the number one team who was 9-0.

All of a sudden wouldn't you know it, we were spectacular. haha! I don't think we had a single error. We had guys making jumping catches, diving catches, bounce off the pitcher's leg to the short stop who flipped it to second catches! We hit the ball hard and scored runs! It was the night our dynasty began. We homered 'em in 6 innings 14-1.

The 2-9 Wadsworth U.M.C. softball team is now the winners bracket...ready for some more shock and awe. lol.

1 comment:

toolman said...

You guys truly did play well. I only wish we'd played better to give you a little more competition.
Good luck, keep winning.
We'll keep winning so we can see you in the Championship game!
God bless softball!!
Tim, Manager, fh2o