Wednesday, April 16, 2008

l'arch de triomphe

that's some French that I recalled from my high school days...It's a monument in France. You can thank me for the history lesson later.
My real reason for including it is that the Edge has sort've developed its own Arch de Community Authentique. Thats not French...but if you read it out loud it sounds like it is.
Anyways, the archway I'm talking about is essentially the pathway to authentic community. Below is the explanation of it. If you'd like the word document that the archway is actually laid out in, let me know your email and I will send it. I really want feedback on this! After some dialogue and perhaps adjustments, I will reflect on each of the pieces in this blog.
The Foundation of the Arch...which everything is built upon is God. Not some generic God but the God of Abraham and Isaac who is triune as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The two pillars that stem from the foundation and support the rest of the structure are LOVE and INTENTIONALITY (which may not actually be a word.)
The stones that build off of the pillars are TRUST, FUN, ACCEPTANCE/NON-JUDGMENT, PRAYER, RISK, AND SACRIFICE.
The two stones next to the Keystone are SERVICE and SUPPORT.
Finally the Keystone (which provides the center support of the arch) is AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY.
There you have it, a covenant in the making. I realize this is a process, that not everyone is going to stop judging just by walking through the archway. And they aren't going to miraculously start trusting a group with the deep hurts and fears of their life. But what if people consciously agreed that they were going to walk through the archway? What if they agreed that they were tired of the superficial relationships that permeate our culture and simply said, "I choose authenticity."?
There's a song that talks about a revolution beginning with one person turning...what if we were that turning? It will take risk, sacrifice, trust, love, and above all the working of the Holy Spirit...But what if we were that turning?

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