Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Linkin Park's newest album has some really interesting lyrics. I haven't explored the heart of the artist in writing them, but there are some moments of real spiritual value. Of course these are interspersed with a good deal of profanity and a parental advisory. There's one line in a song called "Hands Held High" which is more politically charged than spiritual, but it say that "When the Rich wage war its the poor who die."

I downloaded the album after hearing the song "What I've Done" on the radio last week. That is a song that you could really make a case that something is going on.

Anyways...if you're linkin park fans, its a solid, hard rockin' album. Some gems...some not so gemmy.

They must have a clause in their contract that they must drop 8 F* Bombs per song...Other than that, there are some thought provoking lyrics.

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mikeg said...

It's sad, because they didn't swear in their previous albums. I like the new one, but I think Meteora is my favorite.