Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Week Two reflections on the study of Genesis.
From the beginning, we have been people of hiding and blaming. Adam and Eve took of the forbidden fruit in the garden. They hid and God, as he has a knack of doing, 'finds them out'. Their response? Adam blamed the woman (and God). Eve blamed the serpent.
Things haven't changed much...although maybe we're a little more evolved in our hiding strategies. We don't hide in the bushes. We hide with fake fronts of wholeness, spirituality, 'got-it-together-ness' and other masks. We use humor when we're nervous our front is being questioned or called out...or anger. As a culture we've become as individualistic as ever in history. We put the picket fence of our American Dream up around who we really are...what we're really dealing with...how we're really feeling.
Its no wonder we are hurting. And if someone calls me out as inauthentic? Fake? Sinful? I would blameshift. I might tell my confronter to take the plank out of their own eye. I might justify my actions or masking. I might simply disengage in the relationship.
Things haven't changed that much. Here's to over four millenia of non-evolution in the human behavior! May we continue to wear our spiritual army camouflage and if spotted may we point our gun and fire before we're found out.

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