Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fool's Gold

As part of my noble role as husband, I went with Shaina to a matinee (after all, who in their right mind pays 10 bucks for a movie?) and saw Fool's Gold the day after Valentine's Day.

There were a few funny moments, a few intense moments, but for the most part, I was unimpressed. It was more of an action movie than I was anticipating, but the general plot was lame and the characters were cheesily underdeveloped. There's (as usual) a good deal of crudeness throughout the movie but it does end on a positive message of restoring relationships.

I wouldn't pay to watch this if I were you...but if you catch it 3 years from now on TBS and you are bored out of your it and be sedated for 2 hours.

Any movies out there you'd recommend?

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