Monday, February 11, 2008

The Art of Rhetoric

Have you heard of the emergent or emerging church? If not, its a relatively new response by some to make the gospel retain relevance in a post-modern mindset. Some people on the extremes of this movement have really 'tweaked' the message of the gospel. I do not endorse such extremes (though some of the questions posed are important questions). However, one of the biggest criticisms of this movement is the art of story telling. Pastors try to get the point across through narrative rather than a five step solution to something. People say that this type of preaching is not biblical. Here's my response:

The use of rhetoric (making an appeal to provoke a response in a targeted audience) IS BIBLICAL! The writers, particularly in the NT epistles are attempting to get the audience (various churches usually) to adhere more closely to the faith. The way they do this? They rhetorically appeal to the emotions (See the typical greeting by Paul...usually very flattering).

Anyways, I was just irritated by this criticism. It probably means very little in your life...but this is my with it...haha. Have a great week.

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