Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Call

The cell started vibrating on my desk. I looked at the screen. It was her.

Moment of truth.

Heart rate up. Breathing elevated.

Try to act nonchalant. Cool. Calm. Collected. Act like I've been there before.

"Hey Taylor". Voice cracked an octave higher than normal. My cover's blown. I've never been here before.

"I've got some news" she said, which was the only reason for her to be calling, so it seemed redundant to announce it. Or maybe it was frustration from my nerves mixed with my embarrassment of the falsetto greeting moments before.

"It's a go. You guys were selected!" she said breaking the disguise of her voice and now showing enthusiasm and joy.

Queue the thoughts flooding in and the adrenaline pumping.

Instead of two options...will we or won't we be selected...now there were variables upon variables of how this could play out.

And the paradox of peace and chaos that we've known throughout this life of faith...the notion that everything is out of our control and we wouldn't want it any other way... The idea that every ounce of worry is swallowed up by a gallon of conviction...the feeling of immense clarity and lack thereof came together in one giant ball of feels.

The call to make this happen wasn't something that just came about when that cell phone started ringing. It was something that has stirred in us for a decade.

This is right. It will be costly. But it is so, so right. (All things with meaning and substance are...just look at the cross.)

Family is right.

And in an instance, everything changes.

For us, for Chaia and for a little 22 month old boy she gets to call her brother.

We are foster parents.

He will join our family next Monday.

Maybe for a couple weeks, a couple months, a couple years or for a lifetime.

Whatever it may be, may we embody good news, safety and stability.

In so many ways, Change Starts Here.

(Appreciate the prayers)


Randy Kilbride said...

Congratulations to your family.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you all! Tammy

S.Murugappan said...


Nice article.