Tuesday, April 12, 2016

10 Thoughts on C3 Turning 3!

Our 3 year birthday was a blast. We aren't a flashy group but sometimes you just gotta celebrate!! Here's 10 thoughts on the largest gathering in C3's short history.


It's one of the most important messages I've ever preached. Some of the primary plagues of our city are anxiety, depression, consumerism and busyness. And all of them have the same root: SCARCITY. But God is not a God of scarcity. He's the God of security. He can do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.


Some of the folks who invested in C3 when it was just a pipe dream were able to come to town to celebrate with us. It can't be overstated. There is no City Campus Church without the prayers and financial investment of these dear friends. It's an added bonus that they are some of my most important friendships. One friend since elementary school and the first friend I told that I had given my life to Christ...she cried...I was disappointed because none of my friends were going to get it but her...she then told me that she was crying because she'd been praying for this moment since 6th grade.


Had a guest appearance from my friend Steve "White Cheddar" Murphy. He is the chair of C3's Management Team and his church, Discover Christian Church has been a huge part of our church getting off the ground. He shared that the management team has granted Shaina and I a 6 week sabbatical. This three years has been amazing but it has also been pretty costly. So from July 1-August 15, we will be given some space to catch our breath, heal up and get ready to give it a go for the next 30! Grateful for this gift. Another partner church gave us a grant to cover the cost of 1 week at Blessings Ranch in Florida. It's a place for pastors and spouses to go through counseling. It is really important to not be alone in this church planting gig. Amazing to have these churches in our corner.

4. KIDS!

We had more kids than we've ever had! Had kids dancing for the Joy Box. Had one kiddo kneel and pray during our prayer time. As we chase the story of being a Family On Mission, kids play a central part. They are not an accessory, they are central to the story of discipleship. Shout out to Susie, Rachael, Jace and Taran for leading C3 Kids today. Love the heart and love that as we sang happy birthday, the kids rocked it out, made noise and cracked a piƱata open! I love that C3 Kids is blowing up with new growth!


Shaina worked with CCAD student McKenzie Yerrick to absolutely crush some new banners to make our space more welcoming, more clear and more sleek. I want that cityscape for a print for my office at some point!

6. We put out every chair we own, used up every parking spot we had and saw a glimpse of the challenges we are facing as a growing church. Please be praying for the Venue Task Force, a group of folks who have been enlisted to figure out what the right next steps are for us. Everything is on the table right now, from staying put, multiple services, a larger gathering space, etc. These are good problems to have, but they are still problems!

7. Invitation is paramount.
I think in our three years as a church, I have met two households who have found C3 through our website. This is on purpose. We spend next to nothing on marketing and branding. It works for some churches, but it's not for us. We can try to get the word out through hyping our brand in order to find the market...or we can do the things and be the people God is calling us to and the market will inevitably find us. Talk to almost anyone at City Campus Church and you'll find out they were invited by so and so who was invited by so and so. It's relational equity. This Sunday was a great example. Tons of people experienced C3 for the first time and almost all of them were invited by someone they know.


We are kicking off a brand new series this next week that will definitely be an interesting one. You should come check it out (before you send me an email about C3's Theology!


Austin is the right next step for City Campus Church. The fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. The heart cry for relationships and causes bigger than themselves. And a whole lot of Texas Barbecue make it a place we need to go!


Family On Mission. Its the culture we are chasing after with everything we've got. It means we have to have fun together, love each other and commit to each other (FAMILY) and we need to serve, impact and invest (MISSION). I am really proud of the people of C3 and all that they are doing to make this something way different than a 1 hour Sunday production. There is something really good happening in our midst and the next three years are going to blow the first three years away.

The Best is Yet to Come!


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