Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Time for Prayer

Asking for prayer this week:

Monday: Shaina and I are officially 11 years into our marriage! We are good for each other. Her light-heartedness diffuses my default to seriousness all the time. My steadiness to help us stay grounded in times of hardship. Pray for us to continue becoming one. Pray for encouragement to our hearts. Pray for continued resolve to engage and pursue each other. We are spending the day at Cedar Point for our anniversary. (Pray for good weather too!)

Tuesday: Pray for C3. Our next round of C3 Basic starts on Tuesday. A new wave of folks trying to figure out if C3 is the community they should invest their lives in. For some, it is the right fit and they need to be obedient. For some others, C3 may not be the right fit. Pray that the Holy Spirit would make it abundantly clear.

Wednesday: Pray for me. Depression is like a cloud. It just seems to hang over good days and make them ok. The primary thing the cloud steals is my joy. Pray that the joy of my salvation would return. Pray the cloud would depart and I could enter more fully into the Lord in this season.

Thursday: We are having a neighborhood cookout where about 45 houses on our street have been invited to hang out and bring bookbags for the C3 backpack drive. Pray for God to orchestrate in ways that only He can and pray that we would learn how to be good neighbors.

Friday: Pray for Iraq. Pray for Christians to be steadfast in holding to Christ. Pray for the people of ISIS to have dramatic encounters with the love of Christ. Pray for love and peace and forgiveness and reconciliation to bring a country at war together as one people.

Saturday: Pray for Chaia. Her calcium is up a bit. Her pressure on her eyes is still up a bit. There is still plenty of challenges with her, but she is an absolute delight. Potty training week one is under our belt! Pray for complete healing. Pray for the pseudotumor in her head to go completely away.

Thanks for the prayers. Encouragement is oxygen to the soul and your prayers are helping me breathe!


Anonymous said...

I know the Lord. I just want to encourage you today. Thank you for being transparent about dealing with depression. I have had issues with anxiety after the loss of parents and we have a 12 year old daughter with special needs ( cerebral palsy, autism, non-verbal). I know God has a plan and he does not want me to FEAR or NOT HAVE JOY....but I do struggle with thoughts of the future and WHO will LOVE her and take care of her if something happens to us. All this to say, I think I understand a little bit how it can be a challenge to TRUST GOD FULLY and not believe the lies and deception of the evil deceiver. SO, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU TODAY IN REGARDS TO THE DEPRESSION. Three thoughts for you TODAY:
2. Read James 1:17 (maybe in several versions). But when your mind feels clouded ...I think the Lord brought this verse to mind about how there are NO SHIFTING SHADOWS with HIM! HE NEVER CHANGES! So, even if your emotions or feelings or personality has changed....TAKE HEART TODAY that HE HAS NOT CHANGED!
3. Read 2 Tim. 1:7 ( in several versions). I am also praying for you today to have a SOUND MIND. His SPIRIT OF POWER AND LOVE IS WITH YOU - ALWAYS....especially when you feel weak.
I found your blog/family when someone requested prayer for your little girlie several years ago.
I LOVE your blog posts! I think you are a VERY gifted writer/communicator. So, in case you wonder if the blog or your words have any impact - YES!!!!
I love your funny videos with Chaia and your thoughts on scripture and even your plan to pursue health by making one change a month!!!
So, BE ENCOURAGED! You won't always feel this cloud - keep walking in FAITH in all that the Lord has for you as we AWAIT HIS RETURN!!!!! In prayer, T.T.

Anonymous said...

One more thought....Have you seen the short video by BOB SORGE titled: GOD COULD HAVE LEFT JOB ALONE. Google it. It is worth watching. T.T.