Monday, July 14, 2014

The Journey from 0 to 13 to 2786

It's almost been two years now.

Two out of shape, non-runner guys decided to run a half marathon and raise money to plant a church and compassion center in rural Ecuador. Not only would a church exist where none previously existed, but also 200 kids from that village would be given a hand up out of poverty and given education and food resources that weren't guaranteed before. Not only that, but 50 children age 0-3 went into a child survival program with their mom's to give them a better shot at a future.

One decision took us from 0 miles to 13.1 miles.

And now two years later it is taking us 2786 more miles as City Campus Church will take it's first mission team ever to travel to the church we helped start.

Not only did we help start the church, but we also had 10 people from C3 sponsor 10 kids in that village through Compassion International.

And now this team of 14 from City Campus Church has raised the funds (almost...still about $400 to be raised!)

We don't do "short term mission trips".

We do partnership. Two way street. Life giving for both sides. Long lasting for both sides.

So the church we helped start. The kids we helped sponsor. The same people we will connect with for a week in Ecuador. Invite you to pray for us as this will be a challenging, tiring and yet life-altering trip.

It is humbling to think that answering God's calling to move to Columbus 2 years ago led to us answering God's call in Ecuador as well.

The journey of a lifetime joining Jesus where he is at work.

Whether in running a half marathon...

Planting a church...

Sponsoring a compassion child...

Or loving your neighbor...

They all begin the same.





Change starts here.