Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Impressionable Life

So our church just did the 40 day challenge. 40 days of married couples praying together, quitting the porn and adultery. 40 days of singles and dating folks praying and quitting the porn, sex and promiscuity.

It was a good experience. Learned a lot and many people were challenged to try a better way.

The thing that struck me was that I led our family (both Shaina and Chaia) to begin kneeling during our evening prayer time as a family. Of course Chaia often kneeled for 5 seconds then ran across her room for a book or a toy (we are all prettily easily distracted in prayer aren't we?)

But the coolest thing?

Shaina said that Chaia came down one morning after I had left and the first thing she did was get to the carpet, get on her knees and say "Chaia pray".

And she folded her hands and prayed.

A few weeks ago in church, Chaia was incredibly clingy. I was holding her during the music because Shaina was helping lead us in worship and Chaia wouldn't go to C3 Kids. So I'm standing in the back and my eyes are closed and I have my hand lifted up in prayer and song to God. I open my eyes and look at Chaia and she has a hand raised in the air just like me.

In that same set of songs, Shaina was singing a song that had the word holy in it and every time she sang it, Chaia repeated it in her sing-songy mimicry.

I know Shaina and I miss on a number of things as parents. We are failures and novices in many areas.

But our hope is that Chaia will grow up to love her church and not feel neglected because of the demands of the church or anything like that.

And what I'm learning more and more is that parents model the way in their children becoming Jesus people.

Pay attention friends to how you live.

You never know what eyes are watching you.


Cindy Penrod said...

Do everything with excellence.
Give it your all.
You're right...
you never know who's watching.

Anonymous said...

There is no way you and Shaina are missing on much as parents! I do not know of two greater people to be Chaia's parents than you two are. God knew exactly what He was doing and still does in choosing the two of you for Chaia.
When I think of the kidders today and what their needs are you two are over and above providing for Chaia. She is farther in her precious faith and love of Jesus than most adults I know. She is a living witness to His power, love and grace and you and Shaina are a His vessels to continue to lead Chaia and others. God speed to you both and continued miracles for Chaia!