Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year New Format

Happy 2014!

Going to try a bit of a different format in the Mustard world this year.

Going to post three times a week.

One will be a Chaia update...either medical or just a fun this:

One will be on church planting/missional church where I will share some things I'm thinking on.

And one will be a free skate. Could be me weighing in on sports, culture, marriage, current events, etc. I'll ask for some feedback and conversation with these.

So Chaia is doing well. She is growing up so much. Getting sassy which is great, because that's what two year olds do...but is testing us too. We know she is a miracle, with a hard road behind her and a tough road ahead...but we refuse to parent differently. She needs boundaries. We're learning how to parent 'normally' which is fun to finally get to do.

Coming up she will need to have a G Tube put in...and her NG tube and her broviac removed. That is slated for late January. Will update more when that comes. But in the meantime...We're enjoying every minute...well most every minute...she is a two year old. haha.

Thanks for praying.


Nicola Harvey said...

How wonderful to see little Chaia and be able to hear her in the UK!
You are in my heart and mind daily as we each walk the road our heavenly Father lays before us.....
God bless in 2014, may your hearts always be ready to follow His call and may the joy of the Lord be your strength now and always!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Chaia and her profound way to keep you on your toes as two years old do! She is absolutely adorable, strong, a miracle and I love her spunk. Love your sharing her development of speech and orneriness, she is one kick butt little miracle!! Yes, she needs boundaries too but she is Gods child with a true Godly spirit and she is going to be everything He has planned for her and I visualize Him chuckling at her antics too! God speed Miss Chaia!