Friday, January 24, 2014

How To Pray This Week

We've doubled our staff at C3!

Ok that sounds impressive, but we've gone from one full timer (me) to two, which is still a big deal! Noel Arroyo has joined the ranks with C3 and is coming on board as our Celebration Catalyst. He is going to oversee the Sunday morning piece of our story and free me up a little bit to focus on teaching and pouring into our Missional Community leadership.

Pray for a seamless transition with Noel's leadership.

Pray for him as he raises support. He needs to raise $15,000 a year for three years. Pray for boldness and provision.


Chaia continues to do well. She is pretty pleased with herself that she can now climb up our stairs to the second floor (with an adult of course). Pray for her as her OT and PT are going to pick up in the coming weeks.

Pray also for us as we are likely heading toward a G Tube (replacing the NG Tube), the removal of her Broviac central line, an echo of her heart, a CT of her body to determine if the calcifications are getting worse and an eye exam all while she is sedated sometime in early February.


Pray for the Thompsons! Shaina has a new job with Stadia, the organization that planted us and plants churches all over the place. She works primarily from home and it is nothing but a good thing for her to have something new and challenging to tackle. We just have to adjust our sails to a new normal and figure out balance and margin. Pray for that!


Cindy Penrod said...

Appreciate when you let us know how to pray. There's something about praying not only for God's plan to unfold, but praying for that plan in specifics and according to God's Word.

Mama Karen said...

I agree Cindy! I like specific kind of requests so we can focus better in the needs. God has you all tightly in His hands so I'm confident you are safe and secure and that is the best place to be. Love you all!