Monday, September 16, 2013


If you had to say that the church was built on one foundation, what would you say that foundation is?

You know what the elephant in the room answer might be?


Sometimes churches grow because of how passionate, winsome, visionary, competent and funny the leader is.

Then when that leader steps down, often the next in line can't fill the shoes. They aren't charismatic enough...and people leave.

I'm not saying we need to follow boring, visionless fools...but I am saying be careful to believe the hype.

You have 700 likes on your facebook page, that is fantastic. The one line zinger you said is blowing up on Twitter. Congratulations.

We need to be cautious about taking the hill with the guy just because his hill seems important.

There is one foundation.

His name is Jesus.

And competency doesn't hold a candle to Christ.

Find a church that you love...not because of the sexy charisma of the lead guy. Not because she tells epic jokes. Not because your family has gone there for 4 generations. But because Jesus is at work there.

Find where he is at work.

And join him there.

Church goers...Do you love how Jesus is at work in your church?

Non-Church goers...What would Church need to look like for you to be involved?

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