Sunday, September 29, 2013

2 Years Ago

This week has been chaos.

So much so that I didn't even realize the magnitude of it.

2 Years ago. September 25.

We pulled Chaia out of her car seat and she was blue and breathing heavy.

We rushed her to the nearest hospital. She was lifeflighted to Akron Children's Hospital.

She spent 5 days there while they tried to figure out why she was having a heart attack.

It got worse and 2 years ago from today on September 30, she was transported to Cleveland Clinic.

I wrote this that night

I remember it well...arriving in the rain up to the Cleveland Clinic. The entire hospital was white walls and seemed half hospital/ half asylum. It was foreign and terrifying.

We had no idea that we'd be given a five day window until Chaia would pass.

We had no idea we'd get a call around 11 p.m. the 2nd night there from a geneticist we had barely interacted with who specialized in rare genetic diseases and happened to have read an article about what Chaia had. They had a diagnosis and had a treatment plan.

We had no idea it'd be a 100 day journey of tears and heartache.

But we also had no idea the life long friendships we would make in the nurses, nurse practitioners and doctors.

I've said it before, but nurses and doctors who come to work because it's their calling are wayyy different than those who come to punch in and punch out for a paycheck.

You can tell the difference.

And they make all the difference.

2 years ago our life changed drastically. But 2 years later?

She's still here.

Some of you have journeyed with us for a long time...maybe since the beginning with this blog and I would love for you to share something that God has shown you in the last two years with Chaia's story. Post a comment and let's celebrate together! Would love to get a big response and compile them into a book. In 2 years, what has God shown you?


Mama Karen said...

In the past 2 years, Chaia's story has inspired my own faith in divine miracles. She is a living, breathing example of a faithful God who says it's not over till it's over. Every time I pray, I can't help but realize the magnitude of faith that wells up in my spirit. Chaia is proof enough for me that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Ben and Shaina, how you continue to hold tight to the hand of Jesus, touches my heart! You are weary, yet you never waiver in the fact that this is all for God's glory! I still will stand that She will live and not die and declare the word of the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe Chaia was at our apartment when she started to show signs of heavy breathing. It was a "flat tire" kind of weekend.. I am blessed that it has been used as an outlet to get to my family. A family that never went to church together, prayed together, or talked about God together is now asking about Chaia's updates before they ask about mine. It is a way I can explain God's grace without being to "pushy" on them. I am thankful for Chaia's miraculous story that may have moved my family from a negative 7 to a negative 5 on the scale. Thompson family - I love you dearly and constantly pray for strength and resilience.

audrey maarschalk said...

i appreciate my almost 3 year old daughter more now from hearing your story. We all know children are a precious gift from god and we all know we should cherish them. but on a daily basis it is easy to forget just how special they are, and your story has reminded me of that. my daughter is on loan from god and he is allowing me to raise her and regardless of the years with her i am given, each day is a gift and a blessing :)

Anonymous said...

Chaia's story has shown me that God is still a God of miracles. Just when it seems hopeless, He opens a new door and the story continues. He is the author and He clearly has a plan for her and all of us. He is the provider and sustainer of hope, and He is so much bigger, better and more capable and deliberate than we understand.

Anonymous said...

I have been following Chaia's progress from the beginning and am reminded that as Christians, we are all a part of God's family and what touches your family, touches me. May God continue to receive all the glory,great things He has done. I truly believe He isn't through with Chaia's story. She and her Mommy and Daddy are on my heart and in my prayers daily. May God keep you strong as you minister to us, as part of your family, on this difficult journey.

Anonymous said...

This has been an amazing journey with you and Chaia. God's love has been with us all the way. It has taught us the power of prayer and to find joy in each day. Chaia has brought so much joy to so many people and touched their hearts in a special way. We will continue our prayer vigil. Praise the Lord.

Beth Honnold said...

I love the Thompson family and how God has truly used your story as His Story! It is a story of His Glory. I have seen His Power, His Faithfulness, and His Glory through little Chaia. I think one thing that has truly touched my heart is the idea that Chaia is not OURS..... She is HIS. His plan is to glorify Himself through her. We are called to live our lives glorifying His name at all costs. He calls us to sacrifice and to let go so that He can show Himself to all who are watching. You have done that with Chaia. It has been a hard journey and one that no one should have to walk. However, through it all you have stated that she is not yours but His. Life is not easy. Suffering is hard. Jesus knows. We trust Him in ALL of this! We love you!!!! Beth H.

mkmoore29 said...

Hello Thompsons--

I have been blessed to read and follow Chaia's story. The unwaivering faith you have shown is amazing.
I am a worrier by nature, and since having a child it has become worse and worse. I know from scripture that worry is useless and insulting, but it's my struggle I guess. When I read your story it always seems to remind me in the most poignant way that God is in control. I think that sometimes I see God as reactive, when really he is not. He knows everything before it happens, he lets it happen and he is in control all of the time. I will continue to pray for you all- complete and totally healing in Jesus' name. Amen

mkmoore29 said...
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Anonymous said...

Paul & Roberta
We've learned more about parenting (even though our kiddos are grown-ups) because of you're unwaivering faith and constant stance that Chaia is a gift from God...and is God's. We echo what Karen says, how anyone can see those beautiful eyes, follow the genetics, or lack of at this point, and not understand we're fearfully and wonderfully made in His image for His purpose, we'll never understand.

We've prayed, we've cried, but mostly we've celebrated and fell more deeply in love with a family and God because of another precious baby. Thank you for inviting us into your family.

We love you.

Jessica Hart said...

I have followed you guys from the beginning and I remember being so broken hearted and questioning God why this would happen to such wonderful Godly people and sweet Chaia. I even felt guilty that Ella was healthy at times. And then she started getting better and my prayers changed to not only praying for you guys but praising Him and thanking Him for what he was doing and I suddenly found a joy in the Lord that I have never had before! I started thanking Him for good reports on Chaia before they came! This has restored my faith in God and in prayer, I have witnessed and shared and asked for prayer from anyone who will listen...which is completely not normal for me! I have learned to trust in Him and to be patient and I have learned grace from you and Shaina. I have always said that you guys have handled this with such grace and you have never lost your faith or you love for Jesus. I don't know many people in your situation that could do the same.

I truly love you guys with all of my heart and I will never stop kneeling for you in Springfield.

Anonymous said...

Your journey has shown me the power of prayer. I was just beginning to understand the importance of prayer and through your family I have seen the true power of prayer. I've also seen what being an active follower of Christ looks like. It's not easy, it's often not pretty, but it is worth it. I continue to pray for complete healing for Chaia and peace and strength for you and Shaina. Tammy

sahuntree said...

I will always remember your inspired wisdom...
* She is fearfully and wonderfully made!!
* Until we reach out in desperation , we cannot know God's providence.

I will always rely on the power of intercessory prayer. My prayer partners have become so close. The love we share as we lift up Chaia, your family and others we pray for. I am so grateful for the love of God that we feel .

MIck said...

Guilty as charged on the 'thinking nice thoughts' way of praying. When Ben wrote once that that wasn't going to cut it, it stuck with me, and has challenged me greatly over the last two years. I don't want to just wish pleasantries towards people; I want to truly intercede/lift-up.

Chaia also inspired me to truly care about the well-being of another person who did not have any direct bearing on my life (outside of her awesome parents have been very influential in my early 20s and her father branding me as M-Dawg.) I can't ever recall caring so much for someone I didn't know. What a blessing.

Sarah Burnett said...

It is hard to believe it's been 2 years already. Chaia has challenged our family and us as parents to not take one day for granted and health for granted. Each day truly is a blessing from the Lord. We've been a part of God doing a miracle for Chaia when she was on the machine that was helping her breath and we prayed during that 24 hour stretch and saw God come through for her. We pray every night with our 4 year old daugther and she has learned to pray because of Chaia. It has reminded us that we have to love God more than our kids, and that's really really really hard. That their lives really truly are in God's hands. While many people keep their struggles private you have put them on display so that God would recieve the glory. We look up to both more than you know. We love you guys and know that Chaia has made a huge impact us and her parents faith have been a pretty amazing example that God alone is enough. We will continue to pray daily for strength and for her be healed in Jesus name!