Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update and an Online Party!

Chaia and Shaina are still in the hospital. We moved from "probably Saturday" to "Likely Monday" to "chances are Tuesday" to "it could be Wednesday" to "screw it you're never leaving on Thursday"

She is actually her joy-filled little self...But her labs are a little whacky and the Doctors are leery to send her home with those labs. So I made it to Columbus yesterday (Wednesday) and got the call this morning that the labs are the best they've been and she may or may not get discharged today. Meanwhile, she can't begin the next phase (the new treatment) until she has therapeutic labs, so we wait an see and are hopefully heading toward a July 16th readmission (if we ever get discharged).

But I got back to Columbus to a mailbox full of cards, prayers and encouragement from all over the country. You have no idea how much that means, as we've felt incredibly frustrated, weary and isolated this past week.

Not only that but we had a friend of my sister's, Chrissy, who wanted to help Chaia out and so she has asked to throw an online 31 party. You can simply go to this site and shop for all your storage needs, accessories, purses and so forth and you get sweet merch and Chaia's fund gets 25% of the purchase.

2 Birds with 1 stone.

Thanks again for being in our corner in prayer and in support.


Mama Karen said...

Praying always!!! Be encouraged in the Lord tonight! You are not in this alone! Trusting and praying! Love you guys more than you know!

Anonymous said...

We are still kneeling for Chaia and family.