Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swing it

Good day with the munchkin today even if we couldn't be home in Columbus. Hopefully next week!


Becky said...

Love it - she was having so much fun and the daddy, daddy with the giggles - too cute! Looks like a great day out! Love you guys and so happy you got to spend the day together having some fun!

Mama Karen said...

Love the video!! And hearing her giggles warms my heart!!! Praising God for every giggle, every time she said "daddy", every smile!!! Looks like it was a good day!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome video. The joy of seeing the little munchkin laugh and hear her call out to her Daddy.
Prayers for all of you. What a beautiful family. Praise the Lord.

Cathy Dickinson said...

Hello Thompson Family!!
Chaia is definitely a gift from God! She is adorable! I enjoy your blog. I wish everyone could go to work with the passion that I have working with families that are facing difficulties. I am facing a personal illness right now and am on leave - just wanted to say hello and God Bless all of you! Your amazing daughter is beautiful!
Sincerely, Cathy :)