Monday, July 29, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Friday we got home from the hospital.

It was a good weekend. Chaia is somewhat 'institutionalized'. She repeatedly signs for her requests to go on elevator rides. Apparently that plus playing with thermometers, blood pressure cuffs and stethoscopes are some of the many amenities a stay at Cleveland Clinic has to offer.

Did we take those for granted???

Apart from the disappointment of us not having an elevator in our house, Chaia is enjoying swinging at parks and had a great day in church yesterday.

It is really good to be back together as a family.

Today begins a new challenge. She will resume her treatments, for the first time at home.

Hard to watch the misery that Chaia endures during the treatment. But we are home and we are holding out hope that arteries will decalcify, a heart will beat again, bones will mineralize and knees will bow at the mystery of a life healed and brought back from the edge of death into fullness of life.

Hope is a funny thing. It's the mixture of desperate fear and expectant anticipation.

This place where I can't meets He can.

It's this reality that the worst thing is upon us. And that in Christ, the worst thing is never the last thing.

The mixture of apparent defeat and guaranteed victory.

It's not wishful thinking. It's not positive thoughts.

It's simply that apart from God, we can do nothing...yet with God all things are possible.

This is a week for perseverance. For resolve. For steadfastness.

This is a week for hope.

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