Monday, May 13, 2013

Prayers This Week

I'm incredibly thankful for the people who kneel on our behalf.

I've come in contact with a number of people who think asking for prayer is a sign of weakness...and I say you're absolutely right.

We are weak without an infusion of power from prayer.

There is too much at stake, particularly if you are in leadership to not have people around you who you know are bombarding the Heavens on your behalf.

So thank you.

Church planting is tough. In a lot of ways that you would think it would be tough...but then also in ways I never anticipated.

So pray that I would stay the course. Pray that I would stick to the vision He has put in my heart. There are some booming churches in Columbus that make me want to switch up and do more like what they are doing to potentially get the large crowd...but that is not our calling as C3. Our calling is to make disciples who make disciples...and that may look a little different than 1000 people coming to a sexy polished production on Sunday morning. Pray that I don't gain the world and lose my soul in the type of leadership I know God is calling me to.

Spent about 17 hours at my mom's to get some housework done. It was good to be there and to remember and also grieve. Pray for that process in me and my sisters. That Jesus would continue to do a redeeming work in us.

Chaia has begun a feeding program through the Cleveland Clinic. Right now it's an every other week rhythm. Pray for God to sustain us, particularly Shaina and pray for a miracle as far as Chaia's development goes.

We are in contract on a house. We were going to buy when we moved down here, but wanted to learn the neighborhood before taking the plunge into first time home ownership. Barring any setbacks, we close this Friday. Pray for the move and that we an embody the Gospel to our new neighbors.

I feel like C3 is at a crossroads where if a large number of folks who are bought into the movement don't also buy into being invitational, that we will end up DNA that isn't what God is calling us to. Pray for boldness in my teaching. Pray for boldness in our reaching. Pray for change to start here.

Pray for opportunities at my part time job at Kohls...Pray that I would invest in relationships, see where God is at work and then join Him there.

Grateful for you guys.


Jen Azar said...

You, Shaina and Chaia are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Know that there is a little house in St. Louis with little people in it that love you all very much! Continuing to pray for boldness, inspiration, leading, renewed spirits and healing!!

lorimoyer said...

Praying for you guys! Stay the course, obeying the Lord brings freedom and life to the full and will be/is so worth it!

God bless!

Mama Karen said...

Ben I am always thinking and praying for you guys! Your weakness gives me the opportunity to do what I've been called to do. To Pray! Never hesitate to ask for prayer, anytime! Thankful for how God is using you to reach a broken world. Lots of love and Hugs to you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Ben, Shaina, and Chaia, Keeping you and c3 in our prayers constantly. The Keener Family loves you all and is so excited about your new home! Sending you our love.