Monday, February 4, 2013

Prayer This Week

Hey all...crazy start to the week this week! Appreciate your prayers.

We are still venue-less! I can't even tell you the number of places I've contacted and for a variety of reasons did not end up sealing the deal with.

I've felt an inkling of discouragement, but then I'm reminded that we are not defined by a venue...we are defined by community...and so hearing stories from folks involved in C3 about Super Bowl parties with neighbors or class mates or friends that had 10, 15 or 25 folks show up just reaffirms that this organic thing God is doing here is not dependent on the perfect venue space...the perfect marketing plan...the perfect assimilation is solely dependent on God continuing to stir hunger in the hearts of people in this city and on the campuses in the 614.

So when you pray for C3...pray for the missional communities...pray for people to be changed and be change...nothing else matters...if change is happening...nothing else matters.

Chaia's Cleveland Clinic evaluation that we were on a 3 month waiting list to finally get into was cancelled last Wednesday due to a doctor having the flu. We are back in the waiting game. Still no eating...but she is a much happier kiddo since the really really hard stretch a couple weeks ago. Less puking, though still waking up multiple times through the night. Pray for encouragement on this tough road for Shaina in particular and for me as well. Pray for contentment and satisfaction in Jesus when there is very little in this circumstance to be content or satisfied with. Pray for complete and total healing.

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