Monday, February 11, 2013


We have ourselves a venue! I am jacked about being so close to the OSU the OSU Greek Life...and having what looks like it will be an absolutely fantastic relationship with the administration at the Graham Expeditionary Middle School.

We will be launching April 7 with a Generosity Feeds Event where we hope to package 20,000 meals in under two hours to give to kids in Columbus who are food insecure!

So, we have a space for the bottleneck unleashes...Pray for wisdom and efficiency in getting the next steps figured out.

As we've maintained all along with City Campus Church, Sunday morning is not the point...Sunday morning does not produce disciple making disciples...Sunday morning is simply the place where our groups come to celebrate what Jesus is doing through our Missional Communities. So it's great that we have the space! But the primary task in front of us is to grow our three communities to be ready for MC #4 and #5 in the coming months! Please pray for our leaders, that they would model what it means to be on mission in workplace, in neighborhood and in circles of friends.

Thanks for praying us into a space. It was a longer, more difficult road than I was anticipating, but couldn't be happier about what God has done.

It's go time. Countdown to April 7...8 weeks.


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