Monday, January 28, 2013

Lots to Pray About

"But Noah found favor in God's sight." The word favor in Genesis 6 is translated grace throughout the Old Testament. It's the first time the word appears in the Bible. While God's judgment was to go forth to all humankind, God still showed grace/favor.

It's His nature.

So pray with us this week.

Meetings this week with a possible Venue for our C3 Celebrations. Pray for God's favor.

Intensive Feeding Evaluation for Chaia that we have been on a wait list for months to participate in is finally here on Wednesday. Off to Cleveland we go. Pray for a breakthrough. (Chaia's week did not improve). Pray for God's favor.

My hot wife of almost 10 years turns 30 on Tuesday! This past year has been a gauntlet of tough moments and tears for us and for her. Pray for God's favor in this 30th year.

We have a couple coming to Columbus to see what Jesus is up to here with C3. There may be conversations about moving here and joining the C3 staff. Pray for God's favor and direction.

On Sunday there will be a number of Super Bowl Parties hosted by C3. The intent is to invite coworkers, friends and neighbors to join in the festivities. Pray for God's favor.

We have a goal of finalizing our 3 mailers that we will be sending prior to launch by the end of this week. Pray for God's favor as this is a big undertaking.

We live by God's grace and favor.

It's the better way.

Thanks for praying!

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