Monday, October 1, 2012

The Winds of Change

Thank you for your prayers.

Shaina had a great week in Colorado (sandwiched between a bunch of traveling fiascos!)
I was able to retreat to Beulah Beach for the weekend and refuel in God's presence after a crazy week of meetings and planning.

Last night at our City Campus Church (C3) Mission Community, 21 people declared that they are ALL IN with C3 by signing the covenant to partner with what God is doing in this new church. The sense of Community and the desire to be Change(d) is exhilarating!

Pray this week for these 3 things:

1. Pray for the Season of Change! We are going after it in October with 10 missional serving opportunities in three target areas. Pray for the schools we connect with, the campuses we serve, the strip clubs we reach out to, the block parties we hold. Pray that God would give us 100 new contacts that we can connect with.

2. Pray for the Thompson Family. Shaina and I have not had much quality time with all the traveling. Pray for our marriage, that God would take us deeper and that we could model what it looks like to pursue something better than just an 'ok' marriage.

3. Pray for C3 as we pursue a partnership with a church plant in Ecuador. Our goal is to come up with $2000 to throw in the pot for one of these church starts. When the funds are raised, a church is started with an indigenous Ecuadorean pastor leading the charge; A Compassion Center is started, where 200 school age kids will then be freed up to be sponsored and given a hand up out of poverty; And 50 little children, along with their mothers will be entered into a Child Survival Program to give them the basic resources to make it through the first four years of their life on earth. All of this is fantastic stuff, but even more than this, is the opportunity for C3 to begin a partnership with this village, church plant, and compassion center. God will always do more through relationship and partnership than will be accomplished through long-distance, anonymous check writing.

God is breathing winds of let us set our sails and risk the ocean!

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