Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's a Boy!...And a Girl!

Actually its 200 boys and girls!

The big news is that we are helping launch a sister church in South America and you can help us reach our goal!

Here's our epic plan unveiled!!!


If this church gets off the ground, 200 kids will be able to be sponsored by Compassion International and 50 little ones will be entered into a child survival program to help them make it to school age!

Maybe you want to jump in at a dollar a mile? $13.20! Maybe $5 a mile? $66.

While our national leaders spend billions on getting you to endorse them, we thought we would run a campaign that actually had a lasting impact in the world.



Grandma Cindy said...

Well, I must say, the more kidos, the merrier!! A worthy an achievable goal. May God help us respond to the challenge!

Mike Schnee said...

I'm torn...first, because I know how dedicated you are to running, Ben #1...and secondly, because I truly believe Ben #1 will look better running in a fairy costume, with puke down his front and scrapes on his knees - it will look like he fell when trying to fly (the image is making me laugh hysterically...).