Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Introducing...The Replicator!

Sunday was a big moment for us as a movement!

One of our primary values as City Campus Church is Replication at every level.

Disciples making Disciples who make Disciples.

Leaders making Leaders who make Leaders.

Missional Communities making Missional Communities who make Missional Communities.

Churches making Churches who make Churches.

C3 has witnessed disciples making disciples as this movement has grown since June!

C3 currently has 7 leaders/potential leaders being invested into to lead!

And for the first time this past Sunday our Missional Community commissioned a group to begin our second community. This is many ways has bittersweet elements to it. These are people who have journeyed with us since inception. They have done life together with us, laughed a lot with us, and so sending them out is hard in some ways. But it is also necessary and great! The great experience of community on mission that they have had NEEDS to be replicated for others to experience it as well.

So we celebrated!

Got the birthday cake with candles. Got the little blower things that unravel when you blow into them and we sang happy birthday to our 'newborn' community. And we gave them a gift to send them on their way.

It was a birthday bag with a cake mix, birthday candles, and party squawkers.

Because they are going to need them a few months from now when they replicate again.

And we plan to celebrate another birthday party in January as we send out another team to go after the OSU campus context!

The Dream was replication on every level.

And its happening! Slowly but surely! It is happening!

That is why Change Starts Here!

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Grandma Cindy said...

Hallelujah and amen to tender hearts hungry for the Word, that hear it, apply it, and obey it!! God is on the move!