Monday, September 24, 2012

We're all over the map!

This is a huge week for the Thompson Clan.

Shaina is on her way to Colorado for a church planter's wife retreat. This is her first extended period of time away from Chaia and it is just a huge opportunity for growth, rejuvenation, encouragement. Pray for Shaina to be fully present at that retreat and to be fully open to what the Lord wants to do.

On the home front, Shaina's mom and dad are taking Chaia Monday-Thursday. Chaia loves her time with the grandparents, so just pray that everyone would find rest and that no one would go nuts! Pray for continued healing for Chaia.

I am holding down the bachelor pad this week with more meetings in one week than I ever remember having before. Pray for productivity and clarity.

Friday, Chaia goes back to the GI clinic for more evaluations for her eating issues.

Then I drop the girls off Shaina's mom and dad's and head up to Beulah Beach for a weekend prayer retreat.

This is one of those weeks that is going to be hard because we are apart as a family, yet if we don't get recharged in significant ways, we will tail spin

Sunday night will culminate with C3 Basic. We will be inviting everyone to turn in their covenant to declare that they are 'all in' with C3. It is a huge moment in determining what we do next.

Pray for Retreats to Advance the Kingdom and pray for C3 to move forward in the process of replicating Missional Communities.