Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This is an absolutely great week for C3!

Pray for lunches and dinners with new friends. This week is filled up with them. I've said it before: but if you want to start living missionally, begin with your 21 meal slots in a week. People have to eat. Why not redeem the dinner table?

Pray for C3's softball team, which will kick off its debut week of competition on Wednesday. More to come on how to do this kind of stuff Missionally in the next post. Pray for the teams we play against, for new connections to take place.

Pray for our first meeting with our Church Planting Coach, John Wasem, who has coached over 80 planters and is coming up from Tennessee this coming weekend. Pray for connection and synergy.

Pray for our Missional Community that is meeting at our place. Pray that this Sunday we would be bursting at the seams with people hungry for community that is on mission.
Pray that I would lead well.

Pray for Chaia. It has been a rough stretch with feeds. Shaina and I are beyond frustrated and something has to give soon with this.

Pray for me as I have the opportunity to share what God is doing in weekend services at Westerville Christian Church this Saturday and Sunday. Pray for anointing and clarity as I speak.

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