Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I get to be part of this?!?!

So, I get to go to Ecuador in a couple weeks.

Here's why.

Compassion International, one of, if not THE best international Christian organizations in the world sponsors children to give them a hand up out of poverty. Their strategy since their inception is to work through the local church. So kids are sponsored who are within 30 miles of a local church that Compassion can work through. It is a brilliant way to let the church be the church.

But what happens if there is no local church?

Stadia, the Church Planting organization I am with has formed a partnership with Compassion and is planting 12 new churches in Ecuador in a pilot run to see if new church plants in the US can be sister churches to new church plants in Ecuador.

So, I get to go with two dozen church planters and church plant leaders to Ecuador to meet the Ecuadorian planters and see how God is at work in this country.

Compassion believes in this strategy so much that they are footing the bill to get us there and cast the vision of what could be.

As we get this pilot off the ground in Ecuador, plans are already in the works for the model to be taken to Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil in 2013-2015.

New churches = New kids sponsored.

New churches in the US = New churches in South America = New kids sponsored.

We are still short on our fundraising goal of $200,000 over three if you wonder if your investment in CityCampusChurch would really make a difference in the world, just ask the kids who are waiting for the Church in Ecuador so that they can focus more on who they might become in life rather than if they'll have food to eat that day.

We are caught up in something so much bigger than us...than Ohio State...than Columbus...

It's the Kingdom...It's at hand...Hold on to your hats.

God is up to something. Invest with us here.

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