Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank God

We are on the rebound from the Thompson plague that knocked us down last weekend!

Here's how you can pray this week!

Thank God that for the first time in months, we are off of overnight continuous feeds! (This means that for the first time in months, both Shaina and I have the potential for a 5 or 6 hour block of uninterrupted sleep!) With this praise though comes prayer for Chaia to be able to better handle her feeds during the day.

Thank God for our C3 Missional Community. We had a really cool prayer experience last night (more to come on this tomorrow). Pray that we could move from about 20 committed individuals to 40 committed individuals by October.

Thank God for financial partners who are invested in Kingdom Work here in Columbus. And pray for us to find a few more partners to push us over the 200k goal over 3 years.

I will be preaching at Orrville Christian Church this coming Sunday. Pray for anointing, for the people to be positioned to hear, and for God to create a partnership in prayer and finances with this church.

Pray for Shaina and I to make significant new connections this week.

Columbus wins when we kneel!

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