Monday, July 2, 2012


This week I'm asking you to praise God for what He's done, doing and about to do.

Praise Him for giving Chaia LIFE and bringing her to her one year birthday! Praise Him for bringing so many together to share in this milestone miracle!

Praise Him for C3's first outreach last night. The rain held off and we served 60+ people at the Olentangy Commons Pool (our neighborhood!)

Praise God for the little things like electricity, which I tend to take for granted until I'm without it for 24+ hours during a very busy weekend! (Pray for the thousands who are still without!)

Praise God for those connected to C3 who are willing to help us out with Chaia's care by adopting windows during the day or even overnight to help us stay sane! Of the 20-25 people connected to C3, there are 5 nurses which is a ridiculous, God gifted ratio!

Praise God because CHANGE IS COMING through C3!

CHANGE to the way the Church exists for the world.

CHANGE to the lives of those who encounter the transforming power of Jesus Christ through this new church.

CHANGE to the community by being on mission to both the City and the Campus.

C3...Be Changed, Be Change.

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Anonymous said...

This change is so exciting! Can't wait to see what is ahead. Praying for 20 seconds of courage, continuing to pray for Chaia and all of you and the City Campus Church. Anxious to hear the plan for the 10 largest college campus'. Anxious for you to marry Jay and Brandie and thankful that you can! And of course, thankful for first birthdays! Thank you for sharing pictures, video and your ministries. Love, Sharon and Bruce