Monday, June 25, 2012

Pray Continually

Thank you for praying.

This week is on the level of Epic.

Chaia will be turning ONE at week's end, which is something to celebrate with God about. He's given us a year. There are some details that will be posted here about her birthday bash and the Columbus zoo in the next day or two (we have had some kinks that need worked out...a combination of so many of you coming to share in the miracle and some goofy zoo policies. Stay tuned.

I meet with our management team on Thursday for our first 'post-hire' meeting. Pray for clarity, encouragement, Godly-wisdom, and the Holy Spirit's stirring.

Shaina and I are going to our second counseling session on Wednesday evening. One of the 'demands' I put on our management team as they moved toward hiring us was that they provide some 'exit counseling' for us so that we could just make sure we were decompressing from crisis in Jesus honoring ways. Counseling has a stigma around it...but I'd rather sense we're moving the right direction in our marriage then find out we weren't when damage and pain begin to surface. Pray for God to crush us where He needs to...and restore us where He needs to as well.

Pray for Chaia. She is not making a ton of progress in the eating category.

Pray for our Sunday Missional Community. We have a good group of about 20 committed people which is awesome. Pray for authentic life together, for breakthroughs in prayer and for our first outreach this Sunday, a cookout for the Olentangy Commons community.

Pray also for God to raise up additional financial partners to get us to our second phase goal of $200,000 over three years. We are $46,000 away from that right now. If you want to partner, follow these instructions!

God is on the move, and His bride will be born from our knees. Pray continually!

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