Friday, June 29, 2012

Its Birthday Weekend!

Had to put together something to share Chaia's first year!

We haven't known where this story is going to go for quite some time.

But we do know the Author. And He has never had a bad work!

One Year with what Chaia has and what she has been through is an absolute gift and an absolute miracle.

Here's to many many more!


Steph said...

You got the tears flowing this morning! What a blessing this year has been for you guys in many ways. And how blessed we are to share in your journey for His glory. May this weekend be another blessing and may you share in many, many more birthdays with that beautiful little girl.

Mama Karen said...

Can't wait to celebrate!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Chaia!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is to many many more indeed! What an amazing, beautiful video for an even more amazing beautiful princess! It definitely made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing that and for sharing Chaia and for allowing us to be part of her celebration today. It is a day we will never forget. Happy 1st Birthday Baby Chaia!!!

Still kneeling in Springfield:)
The Hart Family

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing this journey. Happy Birthday Chaia.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chaia. Our family has been following your story from the beginning and even though we are anonymous, please know we care and pray daily for healing and God's blessing on your "very special" life.
Also, we have been praying for your Mom & Dad's new appointment from our Saviour in Columbus.
We have come to love "cousin Terri."


Jackie Thompson said...

Happiest Birthday Chaia, sorry I couln't make your party, but my love is sent your way

aussienic76 said...


Crystal Blake said...

What a beautiful video, Thank you for sharing this amazing journey wiht us. I have to admit I cried but it was happy tears. I remember so many of the pics as we followed Chaias story daily and have not and will not stop kneeling! Praise God for this beautiful miracle and Praying every day that she has soooo many more birthdays ahead and more of these slideshows to watch every single year!

Gramma2u2 said...

Happy Birthday little Miss. Your Dad did a beautiful job on this and I have enjoyed watching it very much. You are such a blessing and I have enjoyed watching you grow.