Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Competing Theories

I have lived by a simple maxim for most of my life. It has led to rich, satisfying living. But now this maxim is in crisis.

What is it you ask?

It's "Never run unless something that can eat you is chasing you or unless there is a ball involved."

I am pretty sure that running for the sake of running is forbidden somewhere in scripture. It has to be. Jesus never ran, right?

I look at people running, covered in sweat, their face distorted because of agony, and it is clear that they are fools.

But, enter a 103 day stay at a hospital, where eating at hospital restaurants, or people bringing delicious, fattening comfort foods when visiting, left me at the most LBs I have ever weighed.

When I got out of that cycle, I made a new observation. Those people I see consistently running, in agony and misery mind you, nevertheless, these people are never fat.

So enter the dilemma of a lifetime. Continue with the maxim I have lived my life by...no basketball, baseball, football, tennisball? = no running.

Or enter a lifestyle that destroys that premise...crushes my life principles...and makes me join the miserable, dreadful bunch known as runners.

Two competing theories...will I have my hunch verified? That running is of the devil?

Or will I lose the pounds and be living proof that there is no such thing as a fat runner?

The goal for the month of May is 50 miles ran.

I can't write any more...

I've gotta hit the streets.

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Steve/Theresa M said...

With you, brother. And check this out:


Grace and peace!

Steve M.