Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prayers and an Update

Two days late on prayer updates for the week. Sorry about that. It has been a fast couple of days.

We had an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic Monday for Chaia. She 'looks perfect' from their standpoint in terms of pulses, breath sounds, etc. So continue to pray for Chaia's heart.

Last week, we asked for prayers for the time with the Management Team that is in the process of hiring. Thank you for praying, it was the most encouraging and authentic time we have had together yet. God is on the move. Pray for continuing discernment as a final decision is to be made on May 17.

We have a few lunches and dinners this week with some folks to share the vision of the church and share life together. Pray for favor and boldness. How can we connect with enough people to gain momentum toward starting the church? Hugh Halter's philosophy in the Tangible Kingdom...we've got 21 meals a week. That is a great place to start...people have to eat...and Jesus often modeled discipleship around the meal. So that is a great place to start...whether a dinner with another couple, a breakfast one on one or a neighborhood cookout for lunch, it is a great way to make connection.

Pray for our marriage, for our times with God, with His Word and times together as well.

We had a chance to share with a small group last night what Jesus is up to in us. I spoke on suffering. I read an article by John Piper yesterday and he said,

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him, particularly through suffering."

Suffering can derail one's faith or it can catalyze it. When its the latter, beauty and redemption flourish.

Thank you for praying!

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courtney schnee said...

we've been studying suffering in my church's womens bible study in Timothy and learned something new, suffering is not always how we think, it's "sin and sins effects" so in essence, we are all suffering b/c of the fall, our sin is suffering. do you agree or have any thoughts? would love to hear
ps. the idea came from a book, don't know which