Monday, April 9, 2012

10 Ways to Praise

The Bible tells us to pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances. So here's a chance to do that with us this week!

1. Jesus is risen and that changes everything! Thank God for His goodness.

2. We have found an apartment and should finalize on it today! Planning to move the weekend of April 20-22! Thank God for a place!

3. The place we are moving has 90 buildings with over 800 units. There is a good mix of college students and young families, which is exactly who we are hoping to connect with. Pray for immediate connections.

4. We are incorporated! City.Campus.Church is up and running! But our business isn't about profit, income, expenses, etc. It's about reaching people in Columbus with the transforming hope of Jesus. Pray for boldness.

5. Chaia made her first zoo trip this past week to Columbus! (Pictures to come this week!) Chaia also made it to her first Easter. You want to talk about hopeless things coming to life? Her story is a mini-Easter. And she is still here because so many have prayed. (Her next echo is Wednesday!) Pray for healing...gradual or instant, but nonetheless complete.

6. Shaina is taking me on a hot date on Thursday! She hasn't informed me where, but it's gonna be hot! haha...pray for our marriage to strengthen in the midst of a hard road.

7 Our support raising is approaching the home stretch. We are shooting for another 10-12 monthly financial partners. Thank God for so many investing in the Kingdom in Columbus, Ecuador and perhaps in the future at some of the other largest campuses in the country!

8. Got to spend some time with family yesterday. It was my (Ben's) family. They are weird, so we fit right in! After doing Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital, it was nice to do something 'normal'.

9. Plans are in motion for me to spend a week in Ecuador in August with Compassion International and a church planting project that will allow more kids to be sponsored. This is a prototype model being attempted this year in Ecuador. If it is successful, we will branch out to Mexico and Bolivia in 2013 and then somewhere you wouldn't believe if I told you in 2014. Praise God that the kingdom is advancing through new church plants and at-risk children all over the world are being given a hand-up to change their world and hopefully help in changing the world.

10. Praise God that the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead is available to us who believe. This is amazingly good news!


Mama Karen said...

Praise God for all the good things that are happening!!! We will continue to stand with you in prayer! Maybe someday once you are all moved in and settled in your new home, we could come visit you and Shaina and Miss Chaia since you will be within 30-45 minutes from us! Would be so nice to meet you in person and pray a blessing over the work you are beginning! I think back at how our life has been intertwined up to this point. If it had not been for our friendship with Alicia we would never know about your precious Chaia. We have been praying for a long time for Shaina's mom and now you all. What a privilege we now have to cover you in prayer! We praise God for all he has done in your lives and is going to do.

Jackie Thompson said...

So thankful things are moving right along, and what do you mean your side of the family is weird?
Still kneeling as always, please include Camden in your prayers as well. Love you

Anonymous said...

Ben, Is the Chaia Joy Thompson Fund going to remain in place at FirstMerit Bank?

Ben said...

Yes. Any FirstMerit Bank will take donations. Thank you!