Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's the Day

Heading to Columbus this morning. Got a pretty important meeting with the church plant management team. It's not until 1:30 so I thought since the weather has been nicer, that me and the ladies should finally get our zoo trip in. It's a big day. Should be a fun day. Hopefully when we get home this evening, my bracket is still in tact. Prayers welcomed (not for my bracket as much as for our day today!)

(Since posting, we've decided to postpone the zoo...again...haha. Stupid stormy weather.)


Anonymous said...

Definitely a happy day here in KY too. Thinking of you guys today, have a safe trip :) praying for you all throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

CRAPPY, not happy, LOL. Would've been awesome to have yesterday's weather for a zoo trip!!! Still a great day for you, and you're traveling with great of wishes your way :)

Anonymous said...

Boo... Hope you guys get to go to the zoo soon!