Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interesting Opportunity

We were contacted by the Cleveland Clinic about doing a story on Chaia. Apparently from time to time, the Marketing/Public Affairs folks from the Clinic ask doctors/staff about inspirational stories that they could capture either for local or national release.

Our geneticist friend who probably saved Chaia's life by finding the diagnosis mentioned Chaia's story.

It's inspiring because of you. Because you've prayed from all over the country and even the world for this little lady. Because you've believed that the story isn't finished. Because you believed that long shot prognoses are the perfect scenarios for a God who takes now giants with slingshots and cities with shouts. Because you rallied together, keeping Hallmark in business by sending hundreds and hundreds of cards to Chaia in the hospital.

It's inspiring because God is bringing Ezekiel 36:26 to life in this little girl.

And Chaia's story may get to captivate more hearts yet.

So this news story may or may not take place. But, we have prayed since the beginning that this hard situation involve more hearts being redeemed than just Chaia's.

And it is happening. Holy Frijole is it happening.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome opportunity for you to share China's story and His word with yet even more people!!! BIG, exciting things are happening for your family right now, and it is a pleasure, and truly a blessing, to be able to follow your journeys. If you could, keep us updated about the release, and even though we are out of state, I will find a way to get a copy for us to read and put in my box of 'treasures' that I take out occasionally to look through and reflect on all of the special, important, and significant contents that have enriched and blessed my life. As always, praying in KY :)

Anonymous said...

So I just pulled your blog post up so that I could let Lilly read it and it seems that silly autocorrect on my phone is trying to rename Chaia, and call her China :) had to lol at it!!! :)

courtney schnee said...

so cool! God is so much bigger than anything we can understand. Praying that the story is written very well and touches many

Anonymous said...

What an amazing opportunity to share Chaia's story with so many people! How amazing it is that so many people may get to see the work that God is doing in her little body and life. May everyone be as blessed and touched by Chaia's journey as I have been and may it bring the glory to God that you have always wanted and He deserves! Still kneeling in Springfield :)!