Monday, March 19, 2012

Because you've prayed...

Recalled this when thinking on prayer this morning.

Because you've prayed, we are still pursuing God's call.

Because you've prayed, we still have a daughter we get to steward back to God.

Because you've prayed, hearts have turned from stone to flesh.

Because you've prayed, the light has begun creeping into dark places in Columbus.

Because you've prayed, our marriage is getting stronger through trial and adversity.

Because you've prayed...we are still here.

Keep at it friends.

This week is Housekeeping Week.

We should find out from the management team whether we've got the final green light or not. Ask God to speak clearly to all of us.

I am preaching for the final time at Pulse in Plain City this Sunday. I feel like I've got a pretty interesting insight into Simon of Cyrene. Pray for my prep time (that God would wreck me to wreck others) and pray for Pulse to be receptive to the message of the cross.

Chaia is fairing pretty well. She still laughs at my basketball game (she's not the first). She is still not taking food/milk orally. She still is growing developmentally. Pray for her heart. She also has a couple shots and a blood draw this week which aren't on her top ten list.

And to help me in my prayer time this week (and to give us the privilege to pray for each other as a group),

What is one area you need prayer coverage in?


Anonymous said...

That video still makes me cry every time I watch it. Thank God for answered prayers. Thank God for Chaia and for allowing me to come across your family and for allowing you to touch my life and heart in such a profound life changing way. Thank God for touching her little heart and for continuing to work in and through Chaia. Thank God for giving you the opportunity to preach His word and to open a new church that will touch so many lives. Thank God for your story and your family and His plan for you all! I will continue to pray for your move and for Chaia and her heart and that she will be able to start eating orally. You bless me every day and my prayers will never cease for Chaia and your beautiful family. God bless you all! Still kneeling in Springfield!!

Jackie Thompson said...

Also, still kneeling, and always will. LOVE you all

Anonymous said...

Why do I need to be reminded of His incredible grace and love? Chaia has helped me lean on Him and appreciate every day.